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Stop wasting time finding your work – eesel brings together all your work in one place. It’s free, works with pretty much any tool you use, and doesn’t compromise on privacy.

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As a product manager, I work with tons of tools based on the different departments I interact with. eesel allows me to centralize all documents as if I was using only one tool.

Ulaize Hernandez Troyas, Product Lead at Help Scout

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Works with all your work

Works with all your work

There’s nothing more annoying than having only some of your work in one place. eesel works with anything you open in your browser – even the cool new product only you know about or internal tools your company built. You can be sure that everything you need is there.

The ability to use any product is essential for me. I like that I can tailor eesel to really suit my needs.

Andrey Sundiev, Product Designer at Intercom
Search that works

Search that works

Isn’t it frustrating when you know you've seen it somewhere - but just aren't sure where? eesel allows you to search both in the title and in the content of your documents so you don’t have to play the guessing game.

I’m lot more comfortable closing tabs now that I know I’ll find those documents in a few clicks with eesel

Helene Reydet, Strategy Analyst at LinkedIn
Work as quick as you think

Work as quick as you think

No need to open a new tab, wait for a website to load and navigate through folders to finally open the doc you were looking for. There’s no better way to kill momentum. Use command-e to access eesel from any page and fly through your work with keyboard navigation.

eesel helps me get to the right document much faster - I don’t remember when I last went to Google Drive to search for a doc.

Shekman Tang, Product Designer at Indeed

Private by design

No need to worry about granting another company access to your data. eesel runs entirely locally. Your work never even leaves your browser.

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eesel is free and there’s no need to create an account or to connect your existing tools.

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